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Hi! I’m Tess and welcome to Tess Viera Photography.

I live in beautiful Derbyshire and I love that I am able to be a part of the happiest day in two peoples' lives...for my job!

To witness and absorb the happiness in the atmosphere on a wedding day is the best feeling. 

I have a background in film making and psychology, and feel it’s important to capture the story of a wedding day and ensure the couple feels at ease with me, a stranger, being part of their special day.

I just love it when I'm there for a funny or moving moment that may have otherwise been missed, and when it's captured, it feels like magic and there's always the hope that the bride and groom will love it as much as I do.

It is important to me that the couples I work with feel comfortable and assured that they nor their guests will be told to pose or be manoeuvred into awkward positions, so they can relax into the day. I will look for the smiles, not arrange them.

It is your day and your say.

I'll be in the background, catching your memories so you can be reminded of the atmosphere and beauty of your special day. 

I am in love with photography of any kind, be it countryside scenes, portraits, details of ANYTHING (I like the challenge of making ordinary objects beautiful) or capturing the natural emotions at a stunning wedding. Even motorsport photography can be amazing (not at all a plug for my partner...but seriously, check him out, he's awesome (

Things that I love: Star Wars, sharks, wine, churros, travel (Italy in particular), Autumn light and lie ins.

I can’t wait to talk to you about your day!

Feel free to contact me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or by Email (form below) for package information or business.

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